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Sabine Fruth

General pracitioner, psychotherapist

General practitioner, psychotherapist, 1993 established own practice as general practitioner, since 2004 intensive hypnosis training and hypnosis work with adults and children. Since 2004 development of her own therapy concepts in the form of "Imaginary Body Journeys", as well as the "House of Knowledge" as an independent learning therapy. Since 2012 speaker at seminars and conferences on various topics, since 2014 exclusively psycho- and hypnotherapy, author of the books "The House of Knowledge - Through Imagination to Individual Learning Success" (2017) and "Imaginary Body Journeys - New Ways to Individual Healing Process"(2021)

Lecture title:

How to meet your N. Vagus - case studies about the great combination of Polyvagal Theory and Hypnotic Body Journeys