Krzysztof Ryszard Karauda

Ph.D., Psychologist, Psychotherapist

He combines hypnotherapeutic work with body oriented approach (TRE® Trainer Trainee; Bioenergetic Analysis student), Certified specialist in the field of assistance to victims of domestic violence.
Since 2012, he has been working at the Polish Milton Erickson Institute in Łódź, Poland,  as a therapist, and since 2018, additionally as a psychotherapy teacher.
He provide with group and individual therapy, couples, marriages, families, and sexuological.

Zum Vortrag

Die Polyvagal-Theorie (PVT) mit der Hypnotherapie verbinden. Die Reaktionen des Therapeuten als Schlüsselelement in der Therapie von Angststörungen am ausgewählten Beispiel

The ability to restore by the therapist grounding and a sense of security (state of social engagement), restores therapist creativity and noticeably affects the state of the patient's nervous system - reduces anxiety, normalizes somatic feelings, redirects attention to resources. Anxiety disorders are one of the areas where the application of 'polyvagal thinking' is very clearly visible. On a selected example I will present how I use this thinking for hypnotherapy.

Initiiert von der Polyvagal Gesellschaft (V.i.Gr.)


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